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TL;DR: {web,mad,computer} scientist; {tech,scifi} writer; home{brew,roast}er; serially enthusiastic; he/him; mozillian

I don't like writing my own bio. So, I've been kicking around that too-clever thing above for the last decade or so. Seems like it's been a stable description, if you don't mind reading curly braces.

Tinkering with data & code is something I like much better than writing a bio. So, the rest of this page is a collection of my personal data exhaust and featured projects.

If you feel like it, drop me an email or a tweet or a toot — or find me in one of the other usual places below.

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Toots (@lmorchard)

  • 1 day ago

    The interesting thing about doing my code streaming in the later afternoon is that the cats get fed around 5pm, so they start to mill around me near when I want to wrap things up. Also they get to guest star on cam.

  • 1 day ago

    Alright, screw it. Firing up the coding stream, even if only for 30 min or so. Come watch me stumble through breaking my own software! twitch.tv/lmorchard

  • 1 day ago

    @craigmaloney I was thinking more frequent shorter streams would be better. But, I haven't tried a single longer one yet. I might give that a shot on a Friday or something.

    Been also thinking about doing a regular Saturday or Sunday night basement stream at the electronics workbench

  • 1 day ago

    Trying to decide if I want to do a code stream in 30 min or so.

    Still figuring out what works for me as a schedule - considering 3pm eastern Mon / Wed / Fri because it seems to fit between meetings, but feeling particularly demotivated today.

    Not to mention it's hard to watch the Doctor Who marathon stream if I myself am trying to stream :)

  • 3 days ago

    Starting up my coding stream. Meant to start 30 min ago, but got a bit nervous and yak shaved until now. Either way, giving it another go now!


  • 3 days ago

    @craigmaloney Yeah, that's true, but I'm being reticent in inviting folks to watch me do it yet :) I should start expanding that

  • 3 days ago

    @craigmaloney I was actually just thinking I should start mentioning my streams over here! Been kind of cagey about promoting too much as I'm fumbling my way into doing it and don't feel like I'm too much worth watching yet

Pocket (@lmorchard)

  • 2 months agoBreadboard a Computer

    This small system has been tested, and it works! The aim of this page is to show you how to breadboard a computer, step by step, for the purpose of understanding how a computer system works.

  • 2 months agoNPR One: An Award-Winning Cross-Platform Experience

    This post originally appeared on the NPR Extra blog. Since launching NPR One in 2014, we’ve been working to deliver a news and storytelling experience that meets users in all the places they are now and will be in the future.

  • 7 months agoStewart Brand Recalls First 'Spacewar' Video Game Tournament

    The first video game tournament was held on October 19th, 1972. Competitors gathered at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab in Los Altos, California to do battle in the sci-fi rocket combat game Spacewar.

  • 8 months agoNeoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

    Imagine if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. The ideology that dominates our lives has, for most of us, no name. Mention it in conversation and you’ll be rewarded with a shrug. Even if your listeners have heard the term before, they will struggle to define it.

  • 8 months agoOn Quiet Developers

    As a UI engineer, I’m as passionate about diversity and accessibility in the tech industry as I am about JavaScript.

  • 8 months agoEnd of the road: will automation put an end to the American trucker?

    America’s 2 million truckers have long been mythologised in popular culture. But self-driving trucks are set to lay waste to one of the country’s most beloved jobs – and the fallout could be huge Jeff Baxter’s sunflower-yellow Kenworth truck shines as bright and almost as big as the sun.

  • 9 months agoTesting DRAM Using an Arduino

    A couple of weekends ago I was in the mood to do some retrogaming and didn’t know what I wanted to play so I asked for some suggestions from Twitter.

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