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  • 1 minute ago

    @paulasadoorian Metallic bile, like a Red Bull that's had a whole package of anthropomorphic paperclips soaking in it for a month.

  • 11 hours ago

    @jbaggs The smoking thing, though, is that it's a consumable event with a start & end so at least some part of my annoying brain has an excuse

  • 11 hours ago

    @jbaggs There's a little too much light pollution around here to see much of stars, though I do miss when I had a little telescope that I'd take out to the driveway at my mom's house growing up

  • 11 hours ago

    (that said, I did sit outside last night to do a shrine in LoZ: ToTK on the Switch and that was pretty cool)

  • 11 hours ago

    Sometimes, I wish I still smoked, so I had a good reason to sit outside in the cold after dark.

  • 18 hours ago

    @ct_bergstrom Doctor, my elbow hurts when I go like this

  • 19 hours ago

    @sungo Yeah, I'm thinking basically that but more of it and more deniability

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